Swimming Lessons for Children with Parental Participation
We cover and practice leg kicks for both breaststroke and backstroke, while also working on water confidence through various games.

After completing the course, participants will have mastered the leg strokes for both breaststroke and backstroke, as well as having had the opportunity to practice backstroke kicks.

Swim School for Beginner
We start with the basics of breaststroke, emphasizing leg kicks and introducing arm strokes. Additionally, we incorporate backstroke exercises.
After completing the course, participants will have mastered breaststroke leg kicks and gained experience with arm movements. They will also have received assistance with floating

Advanced Swim Groups
Progression Classes: Enhancing Breaststroke Technique, Unassisted – Optimal for Advanced Swimmers.
Achieving Independent Breaststroke Swimming

Adult Swim Lessons
Foundational and Technical Breaststroke Training – Optimized for Enhanced Performance.
We also focus on backstroke, buoyancy, and water acclimatization. We provide personalized instruction to each participant. No prerequisites needed.

Women’s Swimming School
In this class, swimming instruction is tailored exclusively for women. We offer personalized guidance to each participant. No prior experience is necessary.

Private Swim Instruction
Customized Swimming Lessons Available by Appointment. Contact Us for Further Information.

Accelerated Swim Program
Open to all children with prior experience in breaststroke kicks. Two weekly swim lessons over a six-week period for accelerated skill retention and faster progress.